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New Transport Stretchers

transport stretcher

  • Model No: E200
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Certification: ISO,CE
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Planar emergency pushing bed.
2. Folding pushing rod.
3. Drop frame.
4. Backboard.
5. Tailor-made backboard can make x film.
6. Fixed ring.
7. 5pc fixed rings were designed on the both sides of bed respectively for binding or hang articles.
8. Base cover.
9. Abs plastic-steel cabinet base cover with articles tank.
10. Drainage bag clasp.
11. 3pc drainage bag clasps were designed on the both sides of bed respectively.
12. Crashworthy wheel.
13. Backboard ascending and descending knob.
14. Pull double pressure stick on the bedside upwards to ascend or descend backboard within 0-90 degrees.
15. Ascending and descending functions of bed surface.
16. Tilt function of bed surface.
17. Oil pressure footplate: because of larger oil pressure footplate, it is easily to control rise, but not easily for skid.
18. Three-in-one type.
19. Three-in-one type is made from pu material.
20. Advantages: low resistance, lower noise, higher dirt resistance and antisepsis.
21. Adjustable knob.
22. Two-in-one pushing knob looks beautiful, which meets with human engineering. It can be laid down and fixed vertically and conveniently.
23. Updated brake pedal.
24. Multi-bearing pedal for brake was designed for different angles and it features convenience in orientation. Prevent pushing bed from moving danger because not put on the brake pedal.

Specification :

1. Dimension of bed: l208×w85cm.

2. Dimension of bed surface: l196×w62cm.

3. Dimension of rail: l125×h39cm.

4. Technical data: hi56- 92cm/ trend 0-18 / reverse trend 0-18.

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