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Detail Information

Description :

Auto parts and components blow molding are passed through thickness tests by supersonic, leakage tests, burning tests, besides strictly quality control processing. These products application to vehicles, fuel tank, air pipe, water tank, cover, etc.

Specification :

1. Complete raw materials, for example, HDPE, LDPE, PVC. PP, PS, EVA, PETP, TPU, PC, TPR, TPR, ABS, PA, PETG, which are available to produce.

2. According to various purposes, products of different colors could be manufactured. There are requirements that meet fluorescence, luminescence, heat-proof, sensing the temperature, cold-resisting, incombustible, UV-resisting and choke resisting.

3. Our products comply with the requirements of environmental protection due to recycling and using twice. We bring the endless convenience and contrubution to this society, mankind, science and technology. Also, we utilize the materials of having natural decomposistion and recycling to protect the environment in this earth as much as we can.

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