Speclin Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of high performance communication transformers, power transformers, light transformers, splitters, filters, inductors, converters, inverters, switch mode power supply and linear adaptors. OEM or ODM products which are base-up graded and low cost have contributed to a number of efficiency for customers. Offering the short lead-time order and design according to customer's need.

Main Products

electronic & electrical components- (1) transformers, transformer- adapters ( adaptors) & power transformers, high frequency, electronic, lighting and open frame transformers, telecommunication, modem and T1 & E1 & ISDN transformers, AC & DC adapters ( adaptors) & power transformers, international epoxy encapsulated transformers, low profile modem, pocket & laptop modem, SMT & PCMCIA, voiceband and thruhole transformers. (2) power supply, power supplies- switching mode powers, switching power supply, switching power, switching powers, adapter wall mount & desk top types. (3) ADSL pots splitter, ADSL pots splitters & micro filters- ADSL filters. (4) electronic dimmers, electronic ballasts.