Yiea Shang Industry Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of PP Plastic Products & Stationery Materials

No. 9, Industry Park 22 Rd., Taichung 408, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Yiea Shang Industry Co., Ltd. Started 1979, with a long-standing history. We are professional making plastic factory. We have been get 55th businessman commend. With combined most advanced extruder, assembly machines. We have to ability to manufacture and deliver to our customers the top quality, products range from document file, document case, expanding file clear file, disk box, name care holder, shopping bag, pencil case, photo album....and many pp products. Our company enters its 20th year in the industry with a long-standing history. To be able to maintain a stable position in this industry is our style of work. But we should continue to work hard and have competitive attitude in this field to meet our goals. Because we believe meeting customer needs and good customer feedbacks is our victory. Our China factory started year producing office supplies (Stationery materials). In a short period of time, we were able to gain customers trust and interest on our products. Our products are exported to countries selling high quality products like Europe, USA, JAPAN etcc..... The reason is simple. The reason is seriously and we have outstanding group of workers which are under strict management supervisions to be able to produce good quality products for our customers In the next 10 years to come, we have unlimited broad perspective plans. But despite of it we hope to continuously maintain a good working relationship with our customers by gaining their complete trust to become a good business partners.

Main Products

we provide (1) PE board, PE boards, PP corrugated board, PP corrugated boards, PE sponge rubber boards, cutting board, chopping board, PP 3 layer foams. (2) stationery, stationeries & office supplies- pp stationery, CD packs, expanding files, ring binders, clip in files, art keepers, document & pencil cases, plastic envelopes, 2 pockets & pocket holders, organizers, shopping bags, clear file, clamp binders, name card holders, meal mats. hanging files, indexes, gift boxes, pp sheet protectors, photo albums, packaging, storing, transporting, PP courrgated cabinets, display boards, self assembly boxes, non kickstand cabinets, sign board, corrugated boxes, pp corrugated packaging.