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LED Sign Displays

led displays two lines series

  • Model No: M500N-16×128B1-N-RS232
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Led display has been widely used in every work of life, especially in display message and publicize enterprise since it has so much advantage. Such as long life-spank, high reliability, low consume, high brightness and so on .
2. Use module or lamps as its material, low consume. Use international advanced technology project SMD 3 in 1 as its radiant components all these guarantee its advantage of high brightness, wide visual angle, colour uniformity, stable, light weight, low cost and avoid mosaic phenomenon.
3. Use computer to edit and send message, network connections, brightness adjustability, clock display guarantee its low cost speciality security and expansibility.
4. Specification optional, can meet every work of life and different site' s request.
5. According to different sites, led displays can be divided into indoor led display, semi-outdoor display and outdoor high brightness display.
6. According to different colours led displays can be divided into unicolor led display, tricolour led display and multicolour led display.
7. Applications:
a) Transportation, to welcome visitors, general promotions.
b) Restaurants and bars, corporate info/ promo, text/ graphic displays.
c) Commercial advertising, store hours & holidays, sports & entertainment.
d) Banks, schools, hospitality, silent paging and service updates.
e) Employees and HR communication.

Specification :

1. Use diameter 5mm led to compose 8 x 8 dot-matrix as its radiant components. 2. Dot diameter: 5mm, dot pitch: 7.62mm, resolution: 16 x 128 dots, display size: 121.92mm x 975.36mm, approx dimensions: 160 x 1008 x 80mm. 3. Color: red, yellow-green, blue, yellow, green or tricolour(red, green, yellow). 4. Brightness: >100cd ㎡. 5. Visual distance: 5 ~ 30m. 6. Level visual angle: 150°. 7. Support all kinds of characters, graphs, symbols and phrases. Also it can display following messages, such as time, operation sorts, salutatory, slogan, weather forecast, abbreviated advertisement and so on. 8. Display type: snow, spray, twinkle, rotate, scroll, star burst, wipe, interlock. 9. Several kinds of languages when edit software. Document passwords protect. 10. Communication RS232/ RS422/ RS485. 11. Remote control: use computer network to carry through remote centralized control. 12. Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃. 13. Humidity range: 10% - 90%RH. 14. Power: 110VDC/ 220VDC switchable power supply. 15. Life expectancy: 100,000 hours. 16. Two lines series now can supply ∮5mm indoor, semi-outdoor 16 x 96, 16 x 128, 16 x 160, 16 x 192, 16 x 256, ∮10mm semi-outdoor 16 x 96, special models are available upon customers' requests.

Sample Information

Total Available Quantity :
10 PCS
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0-10 PCS
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7 day(s)

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