Sound Plug Electronic Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Audio Microphone Gooseneck, Connector and Microphone Cable


Company Introduction

Sound Plug produces professional audio microphone gooseneck, connector and microphone cable. We have diligent working teams located in Taiwan and China to give 24 hours support to our valued customers continuously. Provide professional service and best quality goods to our customer are the two most important agents in our production houses: (1). gooseneck forming factory (2). gooseneck assembling (3). connector production and assembling factory (4). cable production and assembling factory. Company agenda: 1. Strategic cost control is the green path we pursue. 2. Responsible for watch spare part is the duty of our production staff. 3. Reliable quality control team gives each of our product its shine. 4. Persistence in research and development is the strength of our management team. 5. Provide quality service is the dynamic force behind our interaction with customer.

Main Products

一. Mini XLR Series:
With worldwide accepted standard, Sound Plug Mini XLR connector, 3-6pin contact add streamline appearance and multifunction for professional audio output, 2 -5mm reflex is adaptability to most O.D cable, long life insert / withdraw cycle added valued for your audio product.
二. XLR Plug Series:
With worldwide accepted standard, robust and compact design, time saving assembly, no set screws, this series is mostly adopted by international microphone assembler.
三. XLR Chassis:
1. DAP Series:EZ lock design in efficiency connect /disconnect, high insulation rating, solder type (wire) and PCB vertical and right angle bottom exit, female type offer larger contact area for better contact and stability.
2. DAC Series:Elaborate and sophisticate design provide spacious area for your PC board design, solder type (wire) and PCB vertical and right angle bottom exit, push lock and EZ lock for usability.
3. DAB Series: Zinc alloy shell provides longevity and stability for using in PC board, suitable for XLR/6.3 plug, satin chrome and black chrome plated shell.
四. Adapter Series:
Specially design to solve various audio adapter and cable OD connecting problems, low contact resistance for clearer and smoother audio signal transference.
五. Gooseneck Mic Series:
Stringent quality control enables Sound Plug Gooseneck to be accepted by international audio microphone assembler, 2 -16mm O.D suitable for table top and head worn microphone. Sound Plug gooseneck solves the general problem of feedback sound and longevity for audio technician, a professional sales team to handle client's DEM order and a research team for OEM design.
六. Gooseneck Lamp Series:
No matter what dim and dark corners you find yourself in, you'll always be prepared with the Sound Plug 9mm X 375mm flexible gooseneck lamp. It's designed especially for DJ mixers and compatible with 12V/450mA and standard BNC/XLR chassis.
七. Audio peripheral accessories including:
Antenna Series:
Wireless microphone antenna, matching seamlessly with your professional wireless microphone system, have VHF/UHF specification, metal and PU optional, also suitable for various same axial connector stand.
RCA series, phone plug series, connector stand series, microphone clip series, XLR accessories series, cable series.