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Ridge Expanding Chisel Kits

ridge expanding chisel kits

  • Model No: No. 454-4700
  • Factory Location: United States
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: South Asia , South East Asia

Detail Information

Description :

1. Ridge expanding chisel kit - includes all 3 chisels and autoclavable tray.
2. ACE ridge expanding chisel osteotomes widen the alveolar ridge to a desired width using a green stick fracture procedure.
3. Knurled handle allows for easy manipulation and use.
4. ACE osteotomes are manufactured from hardened, high strenght, corrosive-resistant stainless steel.
5. To be your sole agent in Taiwan.

Specification :

1. Laser marked grooved score lines exactly match corresponding implant lengths 98,10,13,15,18mm.

2. Laser marked grooved score lines allow for easy visual depth designation and continuous use without wear.

3. Laser marked part numbers and diameter tool size allow for easy surgical organization and use.

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