Protune Wooden Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of wooden flooring including oak, maple, birch, bamboo solid flooring. Also has hand scraped flooring, too. Meanwhile products various kinds of wooden products such as skating boards, skim boards, circle chairs (dining chairs), bar chairs, rackets. All floorings are especially favored by Japanese and Americans because of the advantages-high quality, punctual delivery time, and enthusiastic service.

Main Products

All of our solid hardwood flooring has tongue and groove 4 sides. We also handle the plank within 0.6 mm micro-bevel. UV paint is the coat we use and almost our products are gloss prefinished. Each board's moisture is examined strictly to meet our customers' standard and minimise the possibility of plank warping.

1. Oak Solid Flooring

If one has tried oak flooring, he would already know the nature of material is hard wood. It's hardly to warp. In addition to the function of its nature, Protune's unique skill on coating makes our oak flooring more durable and attractive. Especially, the coats of paint properly set off its natural grain. This success totally was the base of past furniture production experience. For this charming oak flooring, they are considerably recommended by our customers from Europe and America.

2. Maple Solid Flooring

Maple is the No.4 grade of the wood hardness. Especially our maple wood comes from Northern of China, we can easily know its inherent longevity and durability. As our Japanese customer said, “Protune's maple solid flooring expresses the most exquisite pattern and presents natural smooth surface.” The gloss on our maple flooring brings a clean look and enhances a room's appearance.

3 Birch Solid Flooring

Obtaining from the place between Yunnan and Burma, our birch flooring is as attractive as China landscape painting. Meantime, the color of our birch differs from light to deep. While it is lighter color, the surface is as a white jade; when it is deeper color, the board is like an apple face of young lady. Its natural beauty creates the enjoyment for wooden flooring lovers.

4. Bamboo Solid Flooring

During recent decades, bamboo solid flooring becomes more and more popular. Due to the growth of bamboo only needs 3-5 years, we will be never worry about the source of bamboo. The source of our bamboo is from Fujian of China, and it maintains its bamboo's good quality right here. Protune's durability and unique bamboo characters attracts lots of consumers.