Shengsing Five-Mines Ent. Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.

Company Information

Company Introduction :

Supplier of smelting with ore, watches with ore, health with the ore, livelihood mine, structural purpose ore, green with ore, clean water use ore, mineral specimen, rare-mineral and mineral correlation product supplies domestic and foreign. Also welcome to inquire and cooperate mining.

Main Products :

1. Metal ore: iron ore, copper ore, manganese ore, chromium ore, zinc ore, nickel ore, tin ore, lead ore, titanium ore many kinds of etc.

2. Smelting uses the ore: silicon stone, dolomite, magnesia, fluorspar, refinery calcined petroleum coke, anthracite series product

3. Non-metal ore: livelihood mine, health with the ore, coal, calcium, zeolite, talc powder, mai-fan stone, mica, quartz, tourmaline

4. Watches with ore, mineral specimen, wonderful stone

5. Gem

6. Energy health with ore

7. Chemical industry uses ore

8. Clean water with ore

Other Information :

Business Nature : Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter, Trader, Wholesaler, Retailer, Purchaser
Company Capital : USD 0 ~ 1,000,000
Annual Revenue : USD 0 ~ 1,000,000
President : Mr. Chiu-Hsin Lin
No. of Total Staff : 1 ~ 50
Current Export Markets : South America , South Asia , South East Asia , Taiwan , China , Japan , Other
Trade Term : FOB
Shipment : Sea
Currency : USD
Negotiable : Negotiable

Shengsing Five-Mines Ent. Co., Ltd.

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