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New Coil Straightener Shear End And Welders

coil straightener shear end and welder

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Detail Information

Description :

1. Uncoiler: coil infeed plates move to uncoil through plate track, and then they will be raised to position by oil hydraulic. Until two holding roller sets enter to fixed coil section, then they will be put into leveling section by motor power. After all actions are completed, then loosen clutch of the motor to keep the holding rollers maintain idle state. It can avoid two motors to pull each other.
2. Leveling section: steels enter to leveling section through high/low holder arms, after leveling by leveling roller set, and then they enter welding & shearing section. The roller is driven by oil hydraulic.
3. Shearing section: the enter/exit side boards were driven by oil hydraulic. After both work-pieces were put into the position, they will be clamped right away, then welding and shearing will be finished. Clamping boards can make left/right movement to facilitate the sheared work-piece automatic positioning.
4. Welding process: the mobile way of electronic arc is adopting DC motor to drive the linear system and make accuracy movement of welding torch. It could reduce melt-through at the edges of work-piece effetely.

Specification :


1. Coil production industry-coil slit and shear.

2. Tube-making industry-circular and square tube industry(furniture tube or decoration tube).

3. Forming industry-roller forming industry(curtain slides, ceiling plate).

4. Stamping industry-continuous stamping production line(silicon, electric devices stamping).

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