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Manufacturer of Various Welding Machines, such as Laser Welder, Seam Welder and so on.

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Ultra-precision Secondary Rectifier DC Spot Welders
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  • Product Description:
    Charge first & then discharge during welding process, the energy stored in the capacitor and releases on the welding transformer instantly to generate higher current. Low power source is required to reduce cost for the user. Unaffected by power v...
Capacitor DC Spot Welders
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  • Product Description:
    Dual-head characteristic in this machine which can not only reduce the pressure caused by power supply but also create smooth welding surface to make grinding is not required.
    Touchable screen & microcomputer control system for auto-production.
Multi-spot Welders
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  • Product Description:
    Metal mesh is extensively applied in sport and housing fields. For example, the mesh of the golf, park and villa all can be made by this machine. This metal mesh welder adopt micro-compute controller. It can weld 50 points at the same time. The whole...
Ultra-precision Capacitor DC Spot Welders
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  • Product Description:
    1. This energy storage capacitor machine is suitable for welding of various batteries.
    2. Very fast charge and discharge time. Weld twice per second.
    3. Adjustable cylinder stroke, unique pressurization mechanism, suitable for welding va...
Flash-butt Welder
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  • Product Description:
    1. Features:
    (1) Adopting micro-computer controller, easy to set up in advance and memorize up to 9 programs.
    (2) High reaction speed makes high performance.
    (3) Micro-computer controller. It¡¦s easy and convenient to set up for any professional a...
Pneumatic Type Raised Spot Welder
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  • Product Description:
    MAY SHUAY is professional spot welder manufacturer. The spot welding machine is designed and manufactured to meet the highest standard of customers' requirements. MAY SHUAY's specific structure of spot welding machine is patented. They have s...
Multi-Spot Wire Mesh Welding Machines
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  • Product Description:
    This steel wire mesh welding machine is especially designed for producing all kinds of mesh for constructional purpose in SRC applications with reinforcement function.

    To achieve bigger wire gauges, the line wires need to be straightened and cut ...
Grating Welding Machines
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  • Product Description:
    •This welding machine adopts synchronous control of power electronic. The welding time is controlled by digital integrated circuits to make precise production and achieve firmly construction.
    •Pneumatic elements are used in transfer part; it has ad...