HiBoard Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

HiBoard Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing and supply of Printed Circuit Boards to the Global electronics Industry. HiBoard Electronic Technology established by Hiconn Electronics in 2002, has successfully grown into a professional organization that offers a wide range of products including double sided and multi-layer PCBs on standard and exotic laminates. Our well experienced staff works as a team, effectively and efficiently servicing our customers. It is through this continuous dedication and confidence in the ability to provide our customers with a product and service second to none that we have created our driving force. As a large enterprise integrating design, production and marketing of PCB, we are capable of producing various precision single/double-sided PCB, multilayer PCB, aluminum base plate, and PTFE board etc. Our Product are often exported to foreign countries. Please send your message and questions. We will answer you on the first time.

Main Products

Our manufacturing facilities suit your needs in a very wide range:

1. PCB layer-out service.

2. General Meterial Boards series.

3. Microwave Circuit Boards series.

4. FPC(Single and Double-side Flexible circuit) series.

5. prototype PCB series.

6. Single side and double side and multi-layers up to 12 layers series.

7. PCB Assembly for customer.