Long Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Established in March of 1988, Long Automatic Machinery (LONG) is a technology team devoted to the research, development of automatic equipment for passive components, MLCC, chip inductors, chip resistors, TAB flexible printed circuit, semiconductor optoelectronics, lead frame and peripheral tooling. In the year of 2003, LONG phased in the OEM of special chip termination like array dipping, and any shape of chips. We keep strengthening the products and persisting produce high value-added automatic equipment to assist customers in associating with the total solution, and build up the strategic alliance with related industries. Please browse our website for more information. We sincerely welcome your inquiries and contacts.

“LONG Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd” uses Eight management elements for “Light, Thin, Short, Small, Precise, Fine, Quality, Quantity” to grasp market competitive and share information with our Customers to co-create product value and mutually benefits of win-win relationship, and also make benefits for the community and human.

“LONG Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd” holds our business culture of “Industrious, Plain, Innovation, Quality, and Service”. We embed Industrious and Plain Spirits within our organization and employees; we create our innovation technology and idea to keep ahead of market; we are keeping improving Quality always; we offer Service for the customer reigns supreme.

Main Products

Manufacturer of industrial automatic equipment, such as (1) MLCC and MLCI equipment. (2) chip resistor termination machines, thick-film auto printing machineries. (3) thin carrier plates- semi-auto TCP termination machines. (4) carrier plate, inserting and pressing machines. (5) toolings- load plates, JIG plate, sticks tapes, pins, steel belts, rubber wheels.