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Array Press Plate


  • Model No: LGPUA
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Application: Assembly the Press Plate upon the Bottom Air Press M/C to keep the whole holes positions of Press Plate consistent with holes positions of TCP which will protect the chips not been touched by plate (escape holes).

Specification :

Specification: LGPUA-Table (Customable if request)

Product No.Product NameSpecification
LGPUA-Press Plate,Array, Bottom 
LGPUA-00000-000-1Press Plate,Array, Levelno holes, 20t
LGPUA-00192Press Plate,Array, Bottom192 holes, 
LGPUA-00256Press Plate,Array, Bottom256 holes, 
LGPUA-00256-680-0Press Plate,Array, Bottom256 holes, ,6.8-20.0t
LGPUA-00560Press Plate,Array, Bottom560 holes, 
LGPUA-00576Press Plate,Array, Bottom576 holes, 
LGPUA-00576-460-0Press Plate,Array, Bottom576 holes, ,Ø4.6-20.0t
LGPUA-00615Press Plate,Array, Bottom615 holes, 
LGPUA-00784Press Plate,Array, Bottom784 holes, 
LGPUA-00784-380-0Press Plate,Array, Bottom784 holes, ,Ø3.8-20.0t
LGPUA-01024Press Plate,Array, Bottom1024 holes, 
LGPUA-01024-300-0Press Plate,Array, Bottom1024 holes,  Ø3.0-20.0t
LGPUA-01024-330-0Press Plate,Array, Bottom1024 holes,  Ø3.3-20.0t
LGPUA-01024-330-0APress Plate,Array, Bottom (divided 4 grids)1024 holes, ,Ø3.3-20.0t
LGPUA-01030-300-0Press Plate,Array, Bottom1030 holes,  Ø3.0-20.0t
LGPUA-01030-300-1Press Plate,Array, Bottom1030 holes,  Ø3.0-20.0t inculding Spring Plungers
LGPUA-01736Press Plate,Array, Bottom1736 holes, 
LGPUA-01736-220-0Press Plate,Array, Bottom1736 holes,  Ø2.2-20.0t
LGPUA-01764Press Plate,Array, Bottom1764 holes, 
LGPUA-02080-Press Plate,Array, Bottom2080 holes, 
LGPUA-02560-180-0Press Plate,Array, Bottom2560 holes,  Ø1.8-20.0t
LGPUA-03220-160-0Press Plate,Array, Bottom3220 holes,  Ø1.6-20.0t
LGPUA-03220-180-0Press Plate,Array, Bottom3220 holes,  Ø1.8-20.0t
LGPUA-03364-180-0Press Plate,Array, Bottom3364 holes, ,Ø1.8-20.0t
*** Above list could be customable

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