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Portable Barcode Data Terminals

portable barcode data terminal

  • Model No: BCP-7000
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Fametech's BCP series are the cordless version of the popular TS and LAG series. These portable barcode terminals are battery operated and store scanned data in their memory for later batch uploading to a computer. They offer the same advantages in speed, reliability and ease-of-use, but in addition give the operators greater mobility for scanning those tough to reach barcodes. They are the perfect readers for physical inventory, receiving items into stock, remote scanning, and many other applications where portability is an issue.
2. Most barcode readers nowadays are integrated with point of sale systems. Point Of Sale or related POS equipments, and are thus inconvenient for stocking or inventory controls, where the operators have to sometime bring the scanners physically away from their workstations to their warehouses or storerooms (unless they plug the scanners to laptops and carry them around while they do inventory, which is nonetheless cumbersome). Portable barcode scanners on the other hand, don't have such problems. They make barcode data collecting an easy task for anyone. They allow people to collect data without distance limitation and are the ideal devices for stock taking purposes.

Specification :

1. Battery: (1) Operation battery: lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack 1700mAh Li-Ion 3.7V. (2) Backup battery: 3.0V, 18mAh, Maxell ML rechargeable lithium battery for SRAM. (3) Working time: Over 30 hours and more than 20,000 scans. 2. Physical: (1) Dimensions: 150mm (L) x 65mm (W) x 30mm (H). (2) Weight: 175g (including batteries). (3) Material: ABS. 3. System (1) CPU: ST uPSD 8bit CPU. (2) Memory: 1 M Bytes SRAM, 256K bytes flash memory (store program software, codes, fonts, constant data). (3) Display: 128 x 128 graphic dots FSTN LCD display with blue LED back-light. (4) Keypad: 21 rubber keys, including alphanumeric keys, arrow keys, function keys, and scan trigger key. (5) Buzzer: software programmable audio indicator, 1KHz to 4KHz, low power transducer type. (6) LED: dual-color (green and red) LED for status indication. (7) Programming Language: windows-based application generator. (8) Interface: USB. 4. Embedded scanner: (1) Light source: visible laser diode operating at 660~640 nm. (2) Scan speed: 120~80 scans per second. (3) Minimum print contrast: 20% absolute dark/light reflectance at 670nm. (4) Depth of field: 5 ~ 65 cm, depends on barcode resolution. 5. Environment: (1) Humidity (operating): non-condensed 10% to 85%. (2) Humidity (storage): non-condensed 5% to 85%. (3) Temperature (operating): 0 to 45 °C. (4) Temperature (storage): -10 to 45 °C. (5) Shock resistance: 1.2m drop onto concrete.

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