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Thyristor Controlled MIG Welding Machines (Gunslinger)

thyristor controlled mig welding machines

  • Model No: MIG/STICK (2)
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Multi-voltage, single-phase input permits to use at many locations. SCR-controlled, continuously variable current and voltage from minimum to maximum.
2. Reliable solid state contactor.
3. Energy-saving circuit in MIG mode keeps fan on only while welding, automatically shuts off 6 minutes after completion of weld.
4. In MIG mode, hot-start feature ensures smooth arc starting for reduced spatter.
5. In MIG mode, burn-back feature allows wire to burn back at end of weld to prevent wire sticking in weld.
6. In MIG mode, can readily change polarity to run solid or flux-cored wires.

Specification :

1. Input voltage (V): 230/460/575. 2. Output current(A): (1) MIG: 40 – 260. (2) Stick: 20 – 150. (3) Plasma cut: N/A. 3. Duty cycle(%): (1) MIG: 60 at 200A. (2) Stick: 40 at 150A. (3) Plasma cut: N/A.

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