Jye Chuang Electronic Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Jye Chuang Electronic Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, our main office is located in Taiwan. We have over 17 years experiences in manufacturing of power station, booster, charger and related accessories. It is our pleasure to be a leader in a relatively short time. Jye Chuang Electronic Co., Ltd. designs and develops market products to meet the customer base. To meet the evolving needs of an ever-increasing market, we are constantly using the most sophisticated research and advanced technology to develop new products, furthermore, improving the production methods and controlling the production costs. We are always devoted to develop the new products with all our efforts. We are certainly devoted to improve the modes of production and control the cost. Our target is to create TWIN WIN between our customers and Jye Chuang. And we welcome your inquiries and we are at your disposal for any other information you might need.

Main Products

We provide a variety of electrical components- (1) jumpstarts- car battery chargers ( non polarity), travel chargers, universal chargers, AC power supplies, iWap multi walk powers, car jumpstarters, AC and DC inverters, power banks, auto battery jump starters, car battery boosters, power systems, auto selection outputs, and multi power sources. (2) optional accessories- PL lamps, DC fans, step voltage selectors, rotary warning lights, UPS, and hand-held halogen spot lights.