Butwell Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Qualified Regulator.

No. 564-1, Tung Kung Rd., Tungshih Dist., Taichung City 423, Taiwan

Company Introduction

But-Well Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1978, has smarted in manufacturing LP-GAS regulator for 30 years. We specializes in design and manufacture with wide range of qualified regulator and valve, which have applied in the Gas safety device. The customers' satisfaction is priority one. The But-Well inspectors inspected every regulators with the most advanced and Innovative NC Inspecting System. The entire performances curve will perform in digital and numerical. This system will avoid the mistake that makes by manual operation and more actual with the reality performance curve. Our regulators have purchased with our long-term customers for over 20 years. The best guarantee of our regulators comes from their continued purchasing. In order to approach the international quality standard, we also have devoted all our efforts in the Acquire of ISO 9001/2000 Certification. Directive from the manufacturer make certain you have the most reasonable prices and more competitive than other indirect regulator vendor. And with our accumulation know-how in the design and manufacture, we can also manufacture OEM products for your special design and specifications. We offer you quality products and prompt services that are second-to-none. BUTWELL continues to focus on providing the most safety and efficient regulators and devices for the customers worldwide. Our growth efforts are expanded the already comprehensive regulators to reach the new developing and potential marketing.

Main Products

Main products are certified quick disconnect devices, LP gas regulator standard & safety type, BBQ regulators, gas cookers, nature gas control valves, gas controls, control valves, governors, medium & low pressure LP gas regulator, hoses assembly, OEM, and the like.