Kenteh Optical Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Various Convex/Concave Lens of Optical Glass and Magnifying Glass.

No.13, Lane 90, Nan Mei St., Nan Mei Tsun, Kwei Shan Dist., Taoyuan City 33392, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Kenteh Optical Co., Ltd. was established in 1970 in Taoyuan, Taiwan. The company is specialized in production of various optical convex/concave lenses, magnifying glasses, telescope lenses, spotlight lenses, and optical coating products. In the meantime, the company also owns many sets of CNC precise glass cutting machines; therefore we are able to provide glass cutting according to custom-made orders (such as round, special-shaped and special-designed small sizes). Products include: optical components of overhead projector, digital camera, traditional camera, photography equipment, mobile phone, astronomical telescope, barcode scanning machine, and monitoring devices. The precision can be as accurate as +/- 0.05mm.

Kenteh is a company which provides small quantity but various specified products. We are a supplier of various optical components for domestic and foreign military units, government departments, business enterprises, and scholarly research organizations. The company has great OEM and ODM experiences in production of optical components for special shapes, materials and products precision. Besides, we are also a supplier of SCHOOT special thermostable glass, special optical materials, optical plating and coating lenses, and various UV/IR/AR filters. The main object of Kenteh is to develop and grow strongly and stably by improving technology application, and maintaining high quality through professional technology research and product investigation.

Main Products

Manufacturer of color & optical filters, optical lenses, converging lens, spotlight & diverging lens, optical glass & biconcave lens, biconvex lenses, band pass fitters, beam splitters, substrates, optical coatings, reflection mirrors, prisms, IR & UV lens and filters, camera filters, CCD camera lenses, aspherical lenses, concave & convex lens, telescope lens, digital camera lenses, cellular phones lenses, infrared filters, orange & brown & heat absorbing, IR transmitting & blue glasses (IR cut glass), black and blue glasses (UV transmitting), AR & IR optical coating, UV filters and magnifying glasses.