Celadon Technology Company

Manufacturer of decorative plastic film, industrial & medical adhesive tapes

No.10, Feng Tien Rd., Dapi Shiang, Yunlin County 631, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Celadon (coating) Technology Co., is a Taiwan based organization established in 2006 and deliver manufacturing services in its own brand and OEM through the international customer distribution networks. The name "Celadon" signifies one of the Asian leading manufacturers of coating, laminating, printing and embossing, to provide innovative material in the ever growing multi-industrial market with significant & consistent quality. In 2007, Celadon took a significant step from Taiwan to the world, from manufacturing to customer service, dedicating in R&D, establishing standards, providing unrivaled performance and become the leader of its industry through quality consistency and production value. Celadon Technology Co. cultivates innovative professionalism and solid foundation that enabled us to enhancing our global position by integrating with our client to develop global market together for mutual well-being. To organization, we utilizing new technology, restructured to a more team based approach and adapted to standard operation procedures for a streamlined manufacturing perfection. Celadon provides clients with professional services and satisfy customer demands through innovation and steadfast intent.

Main Products

Our product series including (1) adhesive tapes- surgical tapes, double coated adhesive tapes, non woven dressing tapes, sandblasting resist tapes. (2) decorative plastic films- holographic films, glitter films, illusion opal films, PE & PET adhesive protection films, lattice plastic films, multi-lenses film. (3) self adhesive protection films- automobile paint & polyethylene protection films, LED screen & touch panel pet protection films. (4) sign industry materials- celadon self adhesive vinyl films, inkjet PVC films, sandblasting resist materials.