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Forklift Trucks ( Material Handling Equipment)

forklift trucks

  • Model No: CPD10J
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1.Chassis & hydraulics:
(1) A fully enclosed chassis frame houses the drive motors.
(2) The hydraulic and drive components are protected against dirt and water.
(3) For long leak-free service.
(4) It is critical to keep the hydraulics system clean.
(5) The J servies has high quality cylinders and hard chrome burnished and polished rods to reduce burnished and polished rods to reduce seal wear, for long life and minimum fluid contamination.
(6) To keep the fluid clean the J has a full-flow low pressure filter on the return line.
(7) Cleanliness minimises seal and pump wear and keeps the control valve in good condition, trouble free.
The J series three-wheel truck has three independent braking systems:
(1) Regenerative braking system.
(2) Hydraulic wet disc brake system.
(3) Toggle-type parking brake.
(1) The J series uses only the best European coutrol systems.
(2) Smaller trucks with less demanding work patterns are fitted with market leading ZAPI DC SEM controllers.
(3) The ultimate in DC control is the ZAPI high frequency MOSFET microprocessor, coupled with separately excited motors ( SEM) to give the truck smooth can be imposed and more than 30 performance characteristics can be adjusted.
(4) An excellent system for smaller trucks with a medium workload.

Specification :

1. Power type: battery ( four wheels). 2. Rated capacity: 1,000kg. 3. Load center: 500mm. 4. Lift height: 3,000mm. 5. Controler manufacture: CURTIS.

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