Karbona Parts Inc.

Taipei CYCLE 2016 Booth: Nangang Exhibition Hall K0620

R & D Introduction

With a new look, new sprint, and new technology, the celebrated Silver Storm serial products has been rejuventated and lightened for 2005. Karbona's new brilliant silver color has ensured its status as the most talked in the show. And the new graphite technology reduces the weight and strenqthen the performance.

Karbona manufacture of high end bicycle and motocycle components specializing by using aerospace grade materials, such as carbon, scandium alloy handlebars,etc.. It offers exciting road, MTB and Moto-X parts.

Our Products
Critical areas of specialisation include full carbon handlebars,seatposts,bottlcages,saddles, rims, cranks,caps,forks and its related categories. Built in our advanced Matrix reinforcement system of caron fibre with super alloy such as wing bars, seatposts, stems, fokrs,cranks, rims and its related categories are included within Karbona's ever-evolving portfolio.

Karbona Parts Inc.

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