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Cut To Length Lines

cut to length lines

  • Model No: KJA-1300
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Cut to length line is used in decoiling, straightening and shearing different.
2. Pecification coils into flat steel plate with different width and length, and then stacking the flat steel plate, this production line which is high automatization and simple operation can process all kinds of cold or hot rolling carbon steel, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel etc., it is widely used in auto, container, homeelectricity, food-packing, architecture, ship-building, boiler-making and so on.
3. Machine structure and technical description.
4. This line with hydraulic, pneumatic, electromotion, mechanical and electric control is automation production line.
5. Machine components in this production line as follow:
(1) Hydraulic coil car.
(2) Hydraulic decoiler.
(3) Hydraulic hold down device.
(4) Limited space worktable.
(5) Straightening main machine.
(6) Fixing ruler worktable.
(7) Shearing mahine.
(8) Feeding worktable.
(9) Pneumatic discharge rack.
(10) Hydraulic automatic lifter table.
(11) Discharge worktable.
(12) Hydraulic pneumatic system.
(13) Electrical control system.

Specification :

1. Thickness mm: 0.3-2, 0.5-3, 0.5-5aluminum. 2. width: mm 1250 1500 2000. 3. Load weight tons: 12. 4. Straighten precision: mm/m2: 1.2. 5. Gauge precision mm: +-1.0. 6. Line speed (max): m/min: 25. 7. Power kw: -50, 60. 8. Note: t straighter aluminum material will use six-hi straightener.

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