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Ordinary Begins With The Leveller Board In The Transverse Shear Lines

ordinary begins with the leveller board in the transverse shear-lines

  • Model No: MKJC
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

The production line is cold-rolled, hot-rolled steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, and so begins with a variety of school-shear length specifications sheet, and fringe trimming function. From the standard configuration: feeding car, uncoiler, reply feeder, spacing devices, the transition table, (trimming machine, and at the wire winding machine), the host school level, length table, the tail plate feed units, jianban machines, transmission platforms, pneumatic nesting planes, expected car yards, hydraulic systems, electrical control system, and the composition.

Specification :

1. Thickness (mm): 1~4、15~6、2~8、2~10、3~12、4~16. 2. Wide standard board (mm): 1550、2000、2200. 3. Uncoiler bearing (t): 20、35. 4. Precision (mm/m2): ≤2.0~2.5(Standard). 5. Length accuracy (mm/2m): ≤±1.0. 6. Unit maximum line speed (m/min): 0~25. 7. Total power unit (kw): 85~250.

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