SUN HUANG JU Hydraulic Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Rubber Refit Machine Species such as Rubber Trimming Machine.


Company Introduction

HUANG JU INDUSTRIAL CO., Ltd. was established in May 1978 locate on Taiwan. HUANG JU INDUSTRIAL CO., Ltd. is the professional & experienced in manufacturing a series machinery for of Oil Seals, Packings, Cups ,Square Ring and Seal Iron Cases. Our product line include with Trimming, Cutting, Testing , Inspection Dimension, Springs Loading, Bevel and Form machinery and seals other working process machine in Taiwan for 35 years.

In Taiwan we have 90 % market share, because of our professional technology, good quality, reasonable price and renowned customer service.

Welcome you a visit to our website “ “and“ “You can see our product line. We develop a series new full auto working line to finish all the working process efficiently to cut down the labor cost, improve quality and increase product value..

The world famous rubber product company such as SKF, FDS, PAKER, HALUTE, SEA, GARLOCK, BOUSH, NOK(Japan), KEEPER(Japan), ARIS(Japan), P&K(China), SHERCON(China), FENNER(India), KOK(Taiwan), NAK(Taiwan), FOS(Taiwan) and so on, are all our customers.

In 2012, HUANG JU motivated by a desire to innovate and serve customer, we devote to design a series of RUBBER VULCANIZING and MOLDING MACHINE. As for our profession & experience in manufacturing machinery, our new machine has successfully improved the quality and manufacture technology of seals. Many thanks for getting much supporting from our customers.

In May 2013, HUANG JU INDUSTRIAL CO., Ltd. rename as SUN HUANG JU HYDRAULIC MACHINERY INDUSRTIAL CO., Ltd. to provide more service to our customers from manufacture seals to trim, test and inspection seals. Hope we can provide more service to more customers and input more energy to the seals industry.

Main Products

Manufacturer of (1) rubber & oil seal cutting machines. (2) collet chuck type & ring cone type oil seals trimming machinery, vacuum-type oil seals & cups & packing & pressurizing roller type trimming machineries, large-sized oil seals, rubber packing & golf ball trimming machines, rotary type trimming machines. (3) gasket cutting machines- single & double shaft type square ring cutting machines, 4 D square ring cutting machines. (4) milling machinery- cutter grinding machineries. (5) oil sealing & spindle sealing iron shell converse angle machines- vertical big-sized & air pressure type iron case of oil seals beveling angle machinery, hydraulic type iron case end of valve steam seals beveling angle machineries. (6) the fully automatic oil sealing spring loading machines, auto valve steam seal springs putting-in machines. (7) hydraulic type iron case of oil seals side roll forming & combining machinery, rubber bond gluing machineries, oil seals grease filling machines, oil seal gyration durable life testing machines.