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Auto Rotary Type Trimming Machines ( Oil Seal Cutting Machines)

auto rotary type trimming machines

  • Model No: SY-RA104
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. SY-RA104 auto rotary type trimming machine (4-Station Type).
2. Application: Suitable for the trimming of the huge quantity and less type oil seals, cups, packing, and soft rubber parts, etc.
3. Features:
(1) Auto feeding, one opeator can operate many sets of machine simultaneously to increase the working efficiency.
(2) Using the rotary platen for 4-station cycle to feed, locate.

Specification :

1. Power: motor 1/2HP, 1/4HP adding 1KG electromagnetic clutch brake.

2. Voltage: client: three phrase.

3. Tool rest group: each inner, outer tool one group.

4. Shake material delivering machine: in allusion to process design, face Ø300-400mm.

5. Cutting angle: 0-65°.

6. Control mode: electric PLC and air pressure cooperated control.

7. Working capacity: 15-20 PCS/min.

8. Trimming outer diametermetermeter: max outer diametermeter Ø40mm.

9. Working capacity: (L) 750 x (W)750 x (H) 1700mm.

10. Incasement cubical content: (L) 900 x (W) 1300 x (H) 1800mm.

11. Machine weight: net weight: 380kg, gross weight: 500kg.

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