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Gasket Cutting Machines

gasket cutting machines

  • Model No: SY-SR107
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Application: suitable for square RING cutting (after rubber tube shaping).
2. Features:
(1) Equip with servo motor and proface touch control for thickness cutting precisely .It is easy to operate and adjust.
(2) Use precise linear motion guide, servo motor and NC operation to cut precisely and quickly.
(3) After cutting is completed, the knife auto returns back. One person can control many sets of machine at the same time.

Specification :

VoltageAccording to the customer’s assignment
Cutting ShaftOne cutting shaft
Control SystemPLC, Air Pressure System and Man-Machine Interface Touch Control System
Cutting Range(Rubber Tube)Rubber Tube:Length: 100-250mm, Outer Diameter : Ø 20-Ø 130mm, Thickness(O.D.-I.D.): 5-10mm
Working Capacity30-50 PCS/min
Optional Accessory (cost required)Safety Fence, Safety Switch and Safety Optical Curtain
Machine Size(L)1200×(W)500×(H)1600mm
Measurement Ton(L)1300×(W)600×(H)1700mm
Machine WeightNet Weight:380kg Gross Weight:500kg

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