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Glue Drop Machines

glue drop machines

  • Model No: SY-BC102
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

SY-BC102 Rubber bond gluing machine:
1. Application: suitable for oil seals non-woven fabrics and wool cloth gluing.
2. Feature: trimming with # 25 collet chuck and the same molds of the collet chuck type trimming machines to low the manufacture cost of molds.

Specification :

1. Power: deceleration motor. 

2. Voltage single-phrase: 220V 50/602Hz.

3. Principal axis (R.P.M): 75RPM (none-sect shift).

4. Control mode: electric air pressure cooperated control.

5. Working capacity: 15-25 pcs/min.

6. Glue drop canister: one group, matched hypodermic needle#1~#6.

7. Glue used: silicon LK glueand other agglutinants.

8. Machine size:(L)640 x (W)780 x (H)1200mm.

9. Incasement cubical content:(L)840 x (W)980 x (H)1800mm.

10. Machine weight: (1) Net weight:200kg. (2) Gross weight:280kg.

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