Taiwan Precision Tube Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

The company Taiwan Precision Tube Co., Ltd. is a company with the necessary dynamic and flexibility, for full-filling your individual demands as a long -term partner. Small tubes and thin wall thickness is our major production items, with flexible production line, full-filled the individual desires of our customer. We deliver full range of temper and very narrow size tolerance non-treated, degreased and high luster brass and bronze tubes for your individual desires. The tubes can be manufactured in fixed length as well as in coil, as steadily control our production by using modern equipment and quality monitoring system, we guarantee our products meet your requirement. Materials are produced base on JIS standard and other international standards or individual specifications are acceptable after discussion. We are supplying high quality, constant specification and tight tolerance seamless drawn brass and bronze tube in coils. It is also our starting material for widely spread product range, with our long standing experience, we guarantee a constant and satisfaction materials for our customer in coil and other straight lengths. We are able to delivery customer designed materials for your special inquiry. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you use seamless tube for your product. Or, if you have any problem on your production.

Main Products

Manufacturer of various precision tubes including copper tubes, brass tubes, bronze tubes, phosphor bronze tubes, stainless steel tubes, EDM tubes, electrode tubes, capillary tubes, siphons tubes, pen tubes, thermometers tubes, probe needles, test probes, contact probes tubes, probing needles, medical instrument tubes, computer components tubes, coolant thermal tube, terminal crimping & micro thermal tubes, any precision component tubing.