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Stainless Steel Tubes

stainless steel tubes

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Detail Information

Description :

We are able to deliver much tighter tolerance with cionstants deviation range per tube, per lot and between different shipments.

Specification :

1. Alloy and application: (1) Material: austenitic stainless steels. (2) Standard (JIS, ASTM, EN): a. SUS304, S30400, AISI, 304. b. SUS304L, S30403, AISI304L. c. SUS316L, S31603, AISI 316L. (3) Nominal chemical composition % ( C8>99.85): a. Fe:72 Ni:8.5-10 Cr:17-21 C < 0.07. b. Fe:71 Ni:8-12 Cr:18-20 C < 0.03. (4) Typical application: a. Medical instruments, bellows, endoscopes. c. Wristbands for watches: cryogenics bellows. d. Bourdon springs, bellows, electrome-chanical pates, thermometer bulbs, food and chemical industries, heat exchangers, wristbands for watches. (5) Density: 7.90. 2. Tube in coils. (1) Outside diameter: 0.3-2.0mm: +/-0.005mm(standard), 2.01-5.0mm: +/-0.05mm(standard). (2) Wall thickness: 0.07-0.8mm +/-0.005mm. (3) Coil ID: 450-650mm. Special ceae can be changed after discussion. (4) Coil weight: 5-20kg.

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