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  • Model No: R-100
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Product Feature
*Intake Pressure could be adjusted (2.0~2.5 bar) by free way depending on your demands, reduced coating rebound, saving, slim atomizing amplitude, uniform atomization, large pattern width, fine particulate, perfect effect and rapid velocity.
*Light gun portable, gentle pull force of trigger, flexible operation. Even longtime operation, you will not tend to fatigue.
*Species of nozzle diameters to be chosen and matched with sorts of spray covers to be convenient for your use.
*The spray pathway is made of stainless steel,nozzle and needle are made of stainless steel S1, which suit to spray water based paints. (S)
*Spray distance: 200mm
*Paint viscosity: 20sec./RV-2.

Specification :

Product Specification
ApplicationModelType of feedFluid nozzle orificeAir capAtomizing air pressureAir consu-mptionFluid outputPattern width
Light Industrial CoatingsR100-G10Gravity1.0E10.24(2.5)7595130
Automotive, Furniture, Industrial CoatingsR100-G101.0E2145180200
Woodwork, Furniture, Metal CoatingsR100-G131.3K1145160170
Automotive, Furniture, Industrial CoatingsR100-G131.3H40.20~0.24210~250155~170205~220
Woodwork, Furniture, Metal CoatingsR100-G151.5K10.24(2.5)145200180
Automotive, Furniture, Industrial CoatingsR100-G151.5H2225190190
Woodwork, Furniture, Metal CoatingsR100-G181.8N2150240190
Light Industrial CoatingsR100-S10Suction1.0E10.24(2.5)7585120
Automotive, Furniture, Industrial CoatingsR100-S101.0E213085200
Woodwork, Furniture, Metal CoatingsR100-S131.3K1145150155
Automotive, Furniture, Industrial CoatingsR100-S131.3H40.20~0.24210~250140~145180~200
Woodwork, Furniture, Metal CoatingsR100-S151.5K10.24(2.5)145175170
Automotive, Furniture, Industrial CoatingsR100-S151.5H2225170175
Woodwork, Furniture, Metal CoatingsR100-S181.8N2150210170
Automotive, Furniture, Industrial CoatingsR100-P08Pressure0.8E2P0.29(3.0)270150190
Woodwork, Metal, Medium-Viscosity MaterialsR100-P131.30.24(2.5)220200210

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