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Dual Axis Automatic Cutting And Winding Equipment

dual axis automatic cutting and winding equipment

  • Model No: SH-290
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Applicable to all types of adhesive tapes, such as VC adhesive tape, two faced adhesive tape, artistic paper adhesive tape, Kraft paper adhesive tape, cloth material adhesive tape, Mylar adhesive tape etc. cutting.
2. This equipment utilizes PLC control, and is equipped with malfunction detection system for easy operation and maintenance.
3. The range settings for cutting width are large. Utilizes progressive motors or sever motor control and coordinating with steel ball sliding track, precise and accurate.
4. Cutting knife seat utilizes hydraulic pressure control. Knife in/out is driven by hydraulic pressure for even and stable cutting and smooth surface.
5. Cutting round knife is installed with reducer, large torque. Main axis power utilizes stageless adjustment. Any motors may be selected.

Specification :

1. Max cutting width: 700 mm, 1000 mm, 1300 mm, 1600 mm. 2. Min cutting width: 3mm, 3mm, 3mm, 3mm. 3. Core I.D available: 26-77mm, 26-77mm, 26-77mm, 38-77mm. 4. Max. log O.D: 3"core 180m/m, 3"core 180m/m, 3"core 180m/m, 3"core 180m/m. 5. Speed range: 3-10 sce/r1, 3-10 sce/r1, 3-10 sce/r1, 3-10 sce/r1. 6. Cutter traverse speed: 100mm/sec, 100mm/sec, 100mm/sec, 100mm/sec. 7. Air pressure (5kg/c㎡): 100mm/sec, 100mm/sec, 100mm/sec. 8. Well and high quality control, prompt delivery, customer’s design and logo are Welcome.

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