Amble ( Ultrasonic ) MachInery Corporation.

A best ultrasonic machinery manufacturer in Taiwan. 台灣專業超音波機械製造商


Company Introduction

Amble Ultrasonic machinery Corporation was found in the year of 1998. We are very careful and cautious running the business. With so many years experience in ultrasonic equipment design & manufacturer, we are very proud became one of very few CE certificated ultrasonic equipment manufacturer. Amble is specialized in all kinds of industrial equipment designing and manufacturer. Such equipments as for the proceeding Non Woven disposable mask, disposable medic cap, PE & PVC shoe cover, CD cover and so on. Company's principle:
Design Innovation: Keep searching the best designing for our equipment products with the modern technology trend, and to satisfy our customers' demand that equips with humanity interface. Customer's voice is always our golden laws and precious rules. High Quality: Seriously restrict ourselves to the best design and manufacture the machine as we can. Business profit is not the sole priority for company pursuit. How to make sure the equipments operated properly, ever lasting by the customers is our priority. Think our customer thinking, understand customers demand and fulfill their demands. Our products exported to all over the world and received lots favorite credibilties form our dear customers. All kinds of business corporative plans are welcome to contact with us.

Main Products

Manufacturer of various kind of plastic processing machine, which include the ultrasonic cutting machines, ultrasonic welding machines, hot plate welding machine, high frequency welding machine, plastic welding machines, ultrasonic bouffant cap making machine, ultrasonic lapidary, lace & ribbon making & chemical fiber sewing machines, rhinestone, knifes, plastic welding & JS Slitting machines, hot fix rhinestone sealers.