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Horizontal Multiple Spindle Drilling Machines

horizontal multiple spindle drilling machines

  • Model No: MD1-C
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

This multiple spindle drilling machine is designed to drill mounting holes on master cylinder. The drilling spindle mounted with multiple spindle head that makes drilling multiple holes possible, with good accuracy of hole positions.

Specification :

1. Spindle Moter:3HP x 4P 2. Spindle Head:Drilling unit FD7 with multiple spindle head 3. Drilling Depth:Max. 150mm 4. Work Size: Max. 200mm 5. Hole Diameter:Max. φ16 mm 6. Feeding:Hydraulic 7. Coolant:Automatic coolant system 8. Electric Control:PLC control system 9. Work Material: Cast iron, aluminum alloy 10. Filter:Metal net 11. Chip removal: Chip collection tank 12. Cycle time:18 seconds/piece Other Proccess: 1.Custom-designed CNC lathe 2.Pneumatic Drilling Machine 3.NC Twin Spindle Upright Deep Hole Drilling Machine 4.Horizontal Multiple Spindle Drilling Machine 5.Rotary Type 6-Station Drilling and Tapping Machine 6.Single Spindle Recessing Machine 7.Two Spindle Pneumatic Peck Drilling Machine 8.NC Drilling and Punching Machine 9.4-Station 3-Spindle Honing Machine

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