Shyr Chiuann Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

Expert in Specializing in the Manufacture of Tire Manufacturing Equipment

No. 6, Lane 500, Sec. 1, Jhongshan Rd., Yuanlin Town, Changhua County 510, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Shyr Chiuann Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was established for manufacturing of tire building machines, tube curing press, tire curing press, bead wire grommet machines, bias cutters, tire drum testing machinery, tread cooling & cutting process lines, green tire forming machines, tire wrapping machineries, flap curing press, tire post cure inflator, tube printers, bias winding machines, RIM wrapping machines, BIC measuring machines, bead anti-abrasion strip wrapping machines and so on. Our products are of following advantages: durability, precision, delicacy, efficiency, and accurate function, so you are able to promote your market without worrying about competition. We continue substantial investments in research and development to produce products at the highest possible standards of quality and efficiency. And develop new products to meet our customer demands in a dynamic ever-changing marketplace. Customer satisfaction will always be our top priority and we will continue to contribute to the success of our customers. It will be your wisdom selection to cooperate the business with Shyr Chiuann. We sincerely hope to be your best partner in business. Don't hesitate and contact with us as soon as you can. We welcome your inquiries and we are at your disposal for any other information you might need.

Main Products

We manufacture rubber tire production machinery, including motorcycle tire building machine, bicycle tire building machine, tube curing press, tire curing press, bead wire grommet machine, bias cutter, tire drum testing machine, tread cooling & cutting process line, green tire forming machine, green tire venting machine, tire wrapping machine, flap curing press, tire post cure inflator, tube printer, bias winding machine, rim wrapping machine, BIC measuring machine, bead anti-abrasion strip wrapping machine, tire mold cleaning machine, lining cloth winding machine, and tire numbering printer.