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Premium Bicycle Tire Automatic Building Machines

premium bicycle tire automatic building machine

  • Model No: SC-TBM-FT-2428-1P
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Newly bicycle tire automatic building machine applies for the premium tire production, such as RACE, MTB, and road tire.
2. Comprehensively functional design, all the applied materials are set up in one machine and processing in one time, avoids the 2nd processing by hand, in order to promote the premium tire. (Applied materials, including kevel/bead wire, chafer, reflective strip, liner, tread, and bias.)
3. Four stages expand/contract forming drum design enables quicker production and higher quality of high end tire.
4. Special design, Slide roller expand type building drum, is capable of precision and long time uses without any abrasion.
5. Special design, 2 sides of finger turn up type (one side: 36 pieces, total: 72 pieces) ensures not to change angle of nylon cord by smooth turn up process, in order to build up high quality of the tire.
6. The building drum design is available for no gap silicone band and with gap one for customization.
7. Opposite spliced position of nylon cord and tread design enables better dynamic tire balance.
8. Pasting tread design makes tread pastes more efficiently and tightly.
9. Special design, Patented tread truing holder, raises product quality and increases output while decreasing dual color processing. Yields symmetrically balanced stable tires.
10. Special design, Bead setting ring with strong magnets, enables the bead wire is held back to the right position exactly and fast.
11. To equip with tread guider enables the tread align to the center of the drum for every revaluation tread apply accurately and rapidly.
12. Bicycle tire automatic building machine with special design, patent lip rolling mill, forces out any bubbles between layers to lead to a stronger bond and maximizing vulcanization quality.
13. Newly designed 2 oil seals, can be replace in 20 minutes at the tail end of the spindle (traditional one: 8 oil seals, 4 hours). Also, the overall spindle horsepower is comparatively more stable.

Specification :

1. Model specification: SC-TBM-FT-2428-1P.
2. Tire type: bicycle tire.
3. Tire size applicable: 24"~28".
4. Layers of nylon cord 1 PLY center overlap type.
5. Cord width (Max.): 400 mm.
6. Cord fabric roll diameter (Max.): Ø500 mm.
7. Liner cloth width (Max.): 500 mm.
8. Liner cloth roll diameter (Max.): Ø300 mm.
9. Tread width (Max.): 160 mm.
10. Tread roll diameter (Max.): Ø500 mm.
11. Revolution of drum: 60 RPM.
12. Under stitcher type: rubber profile rolling type.
13. Main drive motor: 3-phase induction motor 2HP x 6P with 3HP inverter. (Equip with gear reducer 2HP x 1/20).
14. Under stitcher cylinder Ø40 mm x ST. 300 mm.
15. PLY servicer motor gear reducer: 1/2HP x 4P x 1/5. (Equip with 1HP inverter).
16. Tread servicer motor gear reducer 1/2HP x 4P x 1/5. (Equip with 1HP inverter).
17. Liner servicer motor gear reducer 1/2HP x 4P x 1/5. (Equip with 1HP inverter).
18. Compressed air pressure: 7 kgf/cm2.
19. Multi-level material servicers: bias conveying mechanism, tread conveying mechanism, liner conveying mechanism, reflective strip conveying mechanism, chafer conveying mechanism, kevel conveying mechanism, bead wire conveying mechanism, number printing mechanism.
20. Power supply: AC 220/380V x 50/60Hz x 3Ø.
21. Overall dimension: 2530 mm length x 3070 mm width x 3000 mm height.
22. Net weight: 2380 kgw.
23. Tire building speed: 60~90 pcs/hr.

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