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Motorcycle Tire Automatic Building Machines

motorcycle tire automatic building machine

  • Model No: SC-TBM-STB-1621A
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1.Motorcycle Tire Building Machinery with 3 stages expanding / shrinking type building drum enables fast production and high quality tire.
2.Double sliding block type building drum enables high precision expanding dimension and long time uses with very few abrasion.
3.Spring turn up type fingers ensure very few change angle of bias by smooth spring turn up process, in order to build up high quality tire.
4.The building drum design is available for no gap silica gel band and with gap one for customization.
5.Equally spliced position of bias and tread enables better dynamic balance for tire.
6.Building process can be re-set from any step while unexpected conditions happen. Operator can simply operate from any step via re-set function, the quality of green tire will not be affected.
7.Bead setting holder with strong magnets, enables the bead is held back to the right position exactly and fast.
8.Under stitcher for stitching the both side lip of tire.
9.Motorcycle Tire Automatic Building Machine equips with two stages type H/L pressure pneumatic cylinder for rolling cover tread. During the high pressure stage, when the roller is rolling cover tread in sidewall, then the pneumatic cylinder will change from high pressure stage to low pressure stage automatically. In this case, it won’t damage the structure of green tire to influence the effect of green tire curing when the roller is rolling cover tread in sidewall.
10.Driving motor for the building drum spindle equips with frequency converter. It can change the rotational speed of the building drum spindle in three stages, which are the rotational speed of the nylon cord bias leading in, the tread pasting down, and the tread rolling cover. The rational speed of the building drum spindle can be adjusted according to the working proficiency of operator.

Specification :

1. Model specifications: SC-TBM-STB-0813A, SC-TBM-STB-1317A, SC-TBM-STB-1621A.
2. Tire type: scooter tire, motorcycle tire.
3. Tire size applicable: 8"~13", 13"~17", 17"~21".
4. Layer of bias: 2PLY/3PLY/4PLY.
5. Max. bias width: 570 mm.
6. Max. diameter of bias drum: Ø470 mm.
7. Max. lining cloth width: 670 mm.
8. Max. diameter of lining cloth drum: Ø280 mm.
9. Rotation rate of drum: (Min.) 50 RPM~(Max.) 220 RPM. (Adjusting by timer).
10. Speed of under stitcher: 5~40 mm/1 revolution of drum. (Adjusting by timer).
11. Main spindle motor: 3HP x 6P induction motor with 5HP motor drive.
12. Under stitcher motor: 1/2HP x 4P x 1/5 gear reducer with 1HP motor drive.
13. Bias servicer motor: 0.5HP x 4P x 1/15 gear reducer.
14. Compressed air pressure: 10~12 kgf/cm2, 8~12 kgf/cm2.
15. Power supply: AC 220/380V x 50/60Hz x 3Ø.
16. Overall dimensions: 2600 mm length x 2230 mm width x 2000 mm height.
17. Overall net weight: main machine 1265 kgw, bias servicer 710 kgw.
18. Tire building rate: 2 PLY: 580 pcs/8 hrs, 4 PLY: 420 pcs/ 8 hrs, 2 PLY: 420 pcs/ 8 hrs, 4 PLY: 320 pcs/ 8 hrs.






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