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DVB T Tuners

dvb t tuners

  • Model No: EDT 1022II2B+
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Option with DC- power output through input connector ( e.g. indoor antenna supply).
2. Tuners comply with relevant cenelec standards with regard to requirements concerning signal handing capability and immunity.
3. Superior low noise and high sensitivity performance.
4. Suitable for digital and analog application.
5. Differential, filtered IF- output to directly the demodulator.
6. Unbalanced, broadband if output for analog application.
7. RF- in to RF- out loopthrough amplifiers.
(1) Low noise and excellent linearity,
(2) Full VHF to UHF frequency range coverage,
(3) IEC, F-connector for in-and output connectors,
(4) Version a: no power-safe-mode.
(5) Version b: power-safe-mode with tuner supply off and RF loop through still active.
(6) Version c: unactive RF_loopthrough when power off and active RF loop through when power on.

Specification :

1. Link IC: TDA7795, LA7795. 2. 3-Band RF tuner with loop through, version for different frequency ranges available. 3. +5V supply voltage only; no external tuning voltage required. 4. High performance and cost effective. (1) I²C programmable. (2) 400 kHz bus compliant. (3) Fast PLL tuning speed ( programmable step size. e.g. 62.5 kHz and 166.67 kHz ). (4) Tuner internal gain control loop with selectable take over point settings via I²C bus. (5) External gain control possible with internal loop disabled. (6) 4.0V ( max. gain ) to 0V ( min. gain ) gain control voltage. (7) Flat overall frequency response. (8) High PLL loop bandwidth which ensures very low oscillator phase noise. (9) 4MHz crystal reference frequency output. (10) SAW-filter and IF- amplifier included: fixed 7/8 MHz SAW filter ( full band tuners 45-860MHz ); fixed 6 MHz SAW filter ( full band tuners 45-860MHz ); IF- amplification controllable over a wide range.

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