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TSUNG-HAU Is a Professional Manufacture of Healthy Socks and TPR Gel Products.


Gel Orthotics Insoles

gel orthotics insoles

  • Model No: JG
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Very honored to introduce Tsung Hau Technology Co. from Taiwan to you. We are a manufacture of healthy products. We have the exclusive know-how of combining textile with TPR-gel. Only we can create such products.
You can put gel insoles in your shoes to absorb the pressure. Allow feet to rest in a natural and comfortable position.
2. Features: Gel insole
(1) Reduce the pressure and absorb the shake of Heel Pads.
(2) Disperse the pressure of foot.
(3) Reduce the pressure of heel and make your feet healthy.
(4) Prevent the injury of heel.
(5) No pressure while walking.
(6) Prevent the thenar angles inside by design of wave gel.
a. JG-267 Half Gel Insoles for pressure Reduction (for male).
b. JG-268 Half Gel Insoles for pressure Reduction (for female).
c. JG-238 Pressure-reduced heel pad for female.
d. JG-239 Pressure-reduced heel pad for kid.
e. JG-240 Pressure-reduced heel pad for male.
3. Features: shack-absorbed / pressure-reduced / supporting-comfortable.
(1) Shack-absorbed-according to the test of gel, the face of gel will disperse the pressure to absorb shocks.
(2) Pressure-reduced-the heels will sustain two thirds of body weight, the gel can reduces the spinal pressure and prevent waists while walking.
(3) Stop slipping-the gel is liquid that will be changed follow external force, and the adhesion is better, so it will prevent slipping.
(4) Suitable for sports shoes / walking shoes / leather shoes.
(5) gel insole, gel foot health care product.

Specification :

1. Size: free. 2. Contents: gel:TPR100%. 3. MIT: Made in Taiwan.

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