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Insole Stickers For High Heels

insole sticker

  • Model No: JG
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Very honored to introduce Tsung Hau Technology Co. from Taiwan to you. We are a manufacture of healthy products. We have the exclusive know-how of combining textile with TPR-gel. only we can create such products.
2. You can put gel insoles in your shoes to absorb the pressure. Allow feet to rest in a natural and comfortable position.
3. Shack-absorbed / pressure-reduced / supporting-comfortable
(1) Shack-absorbed: according to the test of gel, the face of gel will disperse the pressure to absorb shocks.
(2) Pressure-reduced: the heels will sustain two thirds of body weight, the gel can reduces the spinal pressure and prevent waists while walking.
(3) Stop slipping: the gel is liquid that will be changed follow external force, and the adhesion is better, so it will prevent slipping.
4. Suitable for sports shoes / walking shoes / leather shoes.
(1) JG-209 Omni-bearing anti-pressure insole sticker.
(2) JG-232 anti-pressure heel insole sticker.
(3) JG-233 anti-rubbing soft sticker.
(4) JG-234 anti-rubbing shoe-rim sticker.
(5) JG-235 tender anti-pressure fore-foot insole sticker.
(6) JG-236 anti-pressure random sticker.
5. Gel shoes insoles (for high heels), comfortable insoles, insole stickers, high heels insoles, gel insoles.

Specification :

1. Size: free. 2. Color: nude / black. 3. Contents: Nylon 60% / spandex 20% / cotton 20%; TPR gel 100%.

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