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260Den Nano Silver Far Infrared Anti-Odor Healthy Socks

nano silver anti-odor healthy socks

  • Model No: N-977
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

We promise that it can be used for 2 weeks continuously without stinking.
1. Fragrance:
(1) The tech of fragrant micro-capsule can surround the scent and release it slowly in the open space.
(2) It can be maintained over six months.
(3) It can also be washed over 20 times.
(4) It can be released by squeezing the pressure or the heat of capsule.
2. Nano silver:
(1) It combines pure nano silver ion with fiber by high tech to create a new product which has functions of anti-bacteria, disinfection and deodorization.
(2) It can also release an anion and the healthy energy.

Specification :

1. Specification: (1) Size: 20~28cm. (2) Color: black, white. (3) Contents:nylon silver 85%, lycra 15%. 2. For: (1) People whose feet sweat easily and stink seriously. (2) People who stands for a long time (ex: sales, factory workers… etc.,) it can improve blood circulation. (3) People who often has long flight (It can be worn for 20 days without stinking). (4) Daily care for Diabetic's feet. (5) People who has athlete's foot (It will lower the feeling pruritus). (6) Athlete / mountain climber (It will lower the fatigue of feet and keep warm of feet). (7) People who are busy at work so that they can’t wash the socks. (8) Care of foot wound of cure. 3. Directions: gently slip product over the foot. 4. Washing: (1) Please wash it by hand with the water which temperature is below 30℃. Prevent to wash it with other clothes. (2) Please wash it with mild soap or washing liquid which do not has bleach or chlorine. (3) Never use any bleach. (4) Use hand to wash it softly. Do not dry clean and ironing. After washing, please do not use drier. Using towel to absorb water. Let it dry naturally. (5) Please do not wash it with white or light color clothes. Separate the dark and light clothes when washing them. 5. Warning: This product belongs to personal hygiene, turning back is not allowed after the seal is taken off.

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