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CDMA Magnetic Card Payphones

cdma magnetic card payphone

  • Model No: TT-1866MSMA
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. TT-1866MSMA wirelss payphone is on outdoor sliding magnetic card CDMA payphone, supporting 450 / 800 / 1900 MHz(optional). It allows user to make and receive phone call via CDMA wireless network. No matter in remote district or somewhere without fixed line telephone infrastructure, TT-1866MSMA payphone still enable to offer instant and convenient phone service.
2. GSM option.

Specification :

1.Using CDMA high quality module to support 450/800/1900(option) MHz band service. 2.Solid alloy aluminum housing and alloy zinc keypad to guard against burglar. 3.128*64 dots large graphic LCD screen with backlight can user-friendly display message, including call number, remaining talk time, credit balance, advertisement, maintenance instructions by multiple languages.(option) 4.Four special buttons for customized application and Volume adjustment. 5.Automatic PIN entry of CDMA UIM card authentication on power reset.(option) 6.With flash memory, can be easily upgraded via Dump Unit. 7.Having circuit error detection feature to display error code and suspend service(option). 8.Standard: IS-2000 1XRTT, IS-95A/B. 9.Voice Coding: 13k QCELP, 8K EVRC. 10.Support UIM card or No UIM card(option).

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