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Yong Hong Abrasive Co Ltd manufactures and sells the Open Mesh Abrasive Cloth for Dust-free Sanding.


Abrasive Diy Rolls

abrasive diy rolls

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Detail Information

Description :

1. The revolutionary new abrasive material is of netted formation with open mesh feature and waterproof quality for dust-free surface sanding processes.
2. The innovative patented sanding material is advanced on the netted formation which to be of high durability 4~6 times much longer than the traditional sanding papers, replacing the traditional sanding papers in many refinishing industries; and further, it quickly and efficiently deburr, clean, polish and finish a wide variety of materials.
3. That means operators can benefit greatly from the work efficiency and cost effectiveness, and also labor costs reduces, profitability increases which made YHA abrasive products even more price competitive to provide our customers at a very reasonable cost.
4. The available product types of open mesh abrasive sand cloth are of abrasive discs, abrasive sheet, abrasive rolls, abrasive belts and abrasive DIY rolls.
5. It is applicable to the surface finishing industries of automotives industries, wood and furniture industries, metal industries, stone industries, composite manufacturers, foaming manufacturers, as well as do it yourself industries.

Specification :

1." Open mesh abrasive sand cloth " is of netted formation with high performance of dust-free sanding on the surface polishing.

2. Abrasive DIY rolls - open mesh.

3. Grit range: #120 and #180.

4. Grain: aluminum oxide and silicone carbide.

5. Size: 1-1/2"x2M, 1-1/2"x5M, 1-1/2"x10M, 1-1/2"x25M, 1-1/2"x50M, etc.

6. The max. width: 48".

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