Royal Steel Plastic Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.

Providing The Best Recycle Solution

No.40, Renan Lane, Shatian Road, Shalu Dist., Taichung City 433, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Royal Steel Plastic Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. has the advanced recycling technology, is the most efficient of recycling equipment manufacturer. Founded in 1980, for over 25 years, we had obtained the support and acknowledgement of our clients from many advanced countries throughout the world. In fact, Royal Steel is now the fastest growing producer of plastic recycling equipment for plastics processing in Taiwan. We make and focus on plastic recycling equipment and relation auxiliary equipment — from materials conveying, separating, washing, drying and crushing systems, to granulators, extruding-palletizing system and downstream systems for sheet, strap, pipe and profile extrusion. And Royal steel, the difference from other manufacturers, is always keep researching and developing and has many patent devices in plastics recycling machine.

Main Products

A variety of plastic recycle equipments for recycling PET BOTTLE, Waste in/Pellet out/No drop down, EPS(FOAMED PS/PE), PVC SHOES, INDUSTRIAL WASTE PLASTICS, PP/PE BOTTLES and PVC COMPOUNDING PELLETIZING, mainly including:
1. Crusher/Granulator
2. Plastic recycling extruder
3. Washing System
4. Dewatering Drying Dehumidifying System
5. Separating System
6. Delivery System
7. Mixing System
8. Auxiliary Equipment- Bale Presser, Debaler, Label Remover, Vibrator, EPS(Expandable Polystyrene) Compressing and Degassing machine, Dosing system, Boiler, etc