Atergi Technology Co., Ltd.

Atergi Technology Co., Ltd


Company Introduction

Atergi Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hard drive enclosures, housings, adapters and connectors. With many years of experience in stamping, we have developed terminal and metal cases and precision moulds. Besides, for quality assurance, our testing instruments are state-the-art. Moreover, In order to improve our competition, we have developed automated equipment to improve our capacity and quality and organize 'on-the-job' training for operators to improve their skills and efficiency. We continuously organize training for the R&D department while developing new products, since we are aware to create and design new products are the long-term success of our business. Welcome to contact us by email anytime. We will reply immediately.

Main Products

Our products including PCMCIA card kit, CF card kit, CF extended card kit, CF type II extension card kit, 2.5" SSD SATA / IDE interface housing, 1.8" micro SATA SSD housing, 1.8" ZIF SSD housing, express card kit, jump drive housing, JDSP/ JDFF housing, SD card housing, SDID housing, MS Pro Duo housing, memory card adapter, mini SD adapter, micro SD adapter, RS MMC adapter, MS Pro Duo adapter, micro SD socket, 40pin/ 68 pin/ 50pin connector, USB connector.