Taiwan Chi Yeah Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Hoisting Equipment, Winches, Cargo Elevator, Windlass Crane, etc.


Company Introduction

Taiwan Chi Yeah Industrial Co., Ltd. is always keeping following our enterprise missions and focused on giving customers the best services by designing, manufacturing and delivering leading quality hoisting equipments, winches and cargo elevator, windlass crane, push button switch, swivel hooks, weight hooks, peripheral accessories that will greatly enhance customers' productivity through their fully utilized manpower and optimally allocated machine resources. Years of valuable experiences accumulated from designing and manufacturing winches and hoists for our customers have helped us build a strong set of capability and capacity to conduct non-stopping research and develop for new models of equipments. By fast adhering to our company missions of constant advancing in terms of technology and product quality, we have built a superior team that is fully dedicated to total quality control and professional manufacturing. Their efforts guarantee up-to-date designing and quality of all models of equipments to meet the customers' ever-changing demands in the information age.

Main Products

We are a professional manufacturer of electric winch, mini winch, hoisting equipments, mini chain hoist, electric chain hoist, hoist parts, cargo elevator, windlass crane as well as peripheral accessories, such as push button switches, swivel hooks, weight hooks and so forth.