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Electric Winches


  • Model No: GG-1050
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

•Highly nominal and efficient roller bearing is used on the gear.
•The gear has received heat treatment high precision processing and is abrasion resistant.
•The power is under even distribution of force for higher safety and longer lifetime.
•The electromagnetic brake requires no adjustment clearance and it brakes automatically during power failure thereby offering both safety and reliability.
•Motor sensor for longer and more frequent usage as well as easy maintenance.
•Three phases 220V/240V.

Specification :

•Lifting Capacity (top layer): 1,000 kg
•Lifting Speed: Option : 12~ 18 m/min
•Motor: Option: 3HP x 6 poles
•Lifting height: 97 m
•Wire Rope: 10 mm x 100 m
Above performance ratings are based on 50 Hz supply. (60 Hz motor available as option resulting in a reduction of lifting capacities by 20% and a speed increase of 20%) 
1. All ratings are based on the top layer. For each layer reduction on the drum pulling capacity is increased by 10% 
2. Use a snatch block for double line operation¡Bto increase line pull by approximately 85%

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