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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

R-33 lite is a simple, useful and affordable GPS tracking solution. It is such an easy portable tracking unit to use with your mobile phone to as a personal or vehicle security device to protect your relatives (kids, elders who have Alzheimer) and your asset (cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, caravans), no installation and monthly subscription fee needed. You will get the alert with the last location right away from R-33 GPS personal tracker once the emergency happens.

Specification :

1. Configuration: R-33 can be configured just sending two SMS messaging from a normal GSM mobile phone. 2. Function: (1) Park function (Geo fencing for car security): when R-33 detects speed>5 km/hr or 3 movements in 30 seconds → R-33 will send SMS to mobile phone. (2) Motion alert (when the person is unconscious and not moving): R-33 stays motionless for over 1 min -> beep for 30 seconds -> R-33 will send SMS to mobile phone. (3) Request location (by SMS or missed call): Send SMS to R-33 or phone R-33 and hang off → R-33 will send SMS to mobile phone (4) Speed alert: Speed>120 km/hr → R-33 will send SMS to mobile phone. (5) SOS button: Press the button for 3 seconds →R-33 will send SMS to mobile phone. (6) Three preset Dial-out number: the user can setup three dial-out numbers and make the phone call by pressing the panic button. (7) Message format receiving from R-33 GPS tracking unit: XXXXX alert; valid location; Lat=24 59’22.6"N; Long=121 25’21.7"E; speed= 23 Km/H; batt. level: 59%. (8) Location checking (on google earth, google map by entering the location coordinate).

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