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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. For business owners who have vehicles in and out of large car parks, such as rental car companies, vehicle exhaust testing companies, etc., it is really a hassle when it comes to identify which vehicle is at which location. R-35D Rental Car GPS Tracker offers you the convenience of attaching the GPS tracker to the vehicle or to its cigarette lighter all the time.
2. Because of R-35D Rental Car GPS Tracker's large capacity battery, it can be running in real-time tracking mode for nearly a week. Its direct charging design allows car parks' employees to move the GPS tracker from car to car, and the best part is, Rental Car GPS Tracker does not need to go back to the office for charging at all!
3. This innovative GPS tracker can also be applied to car security, trailers, caravans, containers, construction equipments.

Specification :

1. Features: (1) Real-time tracking operation time up to 1 week. (2) Direct charging through waterproof connector, do not need to take out the unit for charging at all. (3) Waterproof protection to fit all kinds of rigid environment. (4) No installation required. 2. Complete package: (1) R-35 Personal/Asset Tracker with charging board. (2) 5500mA/11000mA battery. (3) Black waterproof box with waterproof connector. (4) Magnet clip. (5) USB cable for charging and configuration. (6) Wall adapter.

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