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DH CNC Spring Machines

dh cnc spring machine

  • Model No: DH CNC 5A160
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. We produce CNC spring coiling machines and spring auxiliary machines mainly.
2. This machine produces different types of coiling springs, such as compact coiling springs, push springs, modified pushing springs, pushing springs (taper), flat shape pushing springs and so on.
3. Used extensively as parts for mobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and so on.

Specification :

1. Axes: 5.

2. Roll direction: left-right.

3. Wire diameter: ψ8.0~ 16.0m/m.

4. Max oil-tempered wire diameter: ψ14.0mm dm/d 3.5↑.

5. Spring ratio: dm/d 3↑.

6. Max OD: ψ250mm.

7. Max pitch: 80mm.

8. Feed length: ∞.

9. Feeding speed:

(1) Gear section 1: 60m/min.

(2) Gear section 2: 40m/min.

10. Wire rollers: 4set.

11. Pitch control: servo motor 7.5kw.

12. OD control: servo motor 11kw.

13. Feed control: servo motor 45kw.

14. Cutter upper control: servo motor 22kw.

15. Cutter nether control: servo motor 22kw.

16. Feed rolls’ and wire bends’ units: hydraulic system.

17. Machine dimension (cm): 420 x 220 x 287.

18. Control box (cm): 131 x 200 x 231.

19. Machine weight(t): ≒18t.

20. Power: 380V.

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